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One of the youngest upcoming independent PBR&B/Hip- Hop artists of Bulgaria has now moved to Berlin in order to conquer the german crowd. After his latest success in Bulgaria - a collaboration between MNK and one of the top bulgarian rappers, Alex P the song "Губиш Моето Време/You are wasting my time" peaked at the first position for three days in the biggest bulgarian video sharing website "Vbox7.com". With a total of 330 000 views (including Youtube views ) and a daily TV-streaming the track is MNK's first hit.

"Music is enough for a lifetime but a lifetime is not enough for music." Although this quote from Sergei Rachmaninoff is more than 70 years old, it is still valid, according to MNK who's passion for hip-hop ignites at the age of 14. Everything begins with listening to a number of artists like "Eminem" and "Kanye West". His main influence, however, is Tech N9ne (the number 1 independent rapper in the world). MNK finds it hard to specify his genre- "I don't like to put my music in boxes. Especially modern music is changing so fast and now new genres are coming to life every year so it is even harder to distinguish between different styles. As a whole I tend to use whatever feature I like about a specific genre. For example I love to mix the wobbling dubstep bassline with hard club beats or jazzy saxophones with heavy 808 drums. Nowadays you're the only one who can restrict himself to only one music genre."  The whole process is happening in his own recording studio/label "MNK Music©", based in Berlin, Lichtenberg (For further information about pricing and terms of the studio visit mnkmusic.com/studio). For less than 6 years he manages to produce more than 600 beats and 60 of his own songs, while developing his studio and making multiple songs and videos for other artists.- "The fact that I was constantly recording, mastering and mixing other artist's tracks made me a better engineer and helped me understand music faster, although it will always be a mystery to me.", said MNK in an interview after his break-through in Bulgaria. Along with the popularity he recently gained it is important to say that he has also been a part of a series of music shows like "X-factor Bulgaria 1,2 and 3" and "Bulgaria searches a talent". In "X-factor 1"he reaches the boot-camps with less than 150 other artist from across the whole country. But at the end of the day he has never been given the publicity he needs.- "What did X-factor teach you? - It taught me that the only person who can help me become who I wanna be is me." (Extract from an interview for the youth project "The little Big People".) In the 8th grade at the age of 15 he starts building his own home studio and buying all of his equipment by collecting his lunch money- "My parents used do give me 5 lv (2,50 euro) every day but I would rather leave the money home and either make a sandwich or eat nothing at all the whole day."